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Delta to Showcase Energy-Efficient Consumer Electronics at CES 2016
Company's "Smart Green House" concept and innovative products promote a sustainable lifestyle
Vivitek Announces the Latest Addition to the Novo Family
Vivitek Corporation Unveils Second Generation Ultra Short Throw Projectors
Building on the success of its predecessor D7180HD, the next generation DH758UST and DH758USTIR follow the lead in high-resolution ultra-short throw projectors Vivitek previously unveiled in 2013
Vivitek Corporation and Delta Displays Announce a Unified Product Line and Support Offerings
Vivitek Introduces Qumi Q7 LED Pico Projector
The Vivitek Qumi Q7: Bright, LED-Based Projector with 3D-Ready Capabilities
Vivitek Debuts New Digital Projectors for Large Venue, Education & Business Markets
Vivitek′s Latest Line-Up Includes Large-Venue and Installation Friendly Projectors that are Bright and Ready Edge-Blending, Stacking, Warping and Crossover Use 
Vivitek Introduces Line of Accessories for its Qumi HD LED Pocket Projectors
Vivitek Extends Qumi Line with New Version of its Bright, Lightweight, LED-Based Projector
Vivitek Launches a New 1080p Crossover Multimedia Projector
The D963 Projector Elevates 1080P Content with High Brightness and Impressive Color Reproduction
Vivitek Introduces 1080p 3D Home Theater Projector
The H1086-3D Features Conversion Technology That Allows The Alteration of 2D Content Into 3D Without an External Box, Plus Plug-and-Play 3D & 2.35:1 Widescreen Capabilities
Vivitek to Showcase its Line-Up of Home Theater & Large Venue Projectors at Cedia Expo 2011
Projectors to Demonstrate Edge-Blending and 2D-3D Conversion Technologies to Unique Home Theater Applications
Vivitek Ships The Qumi HD LED Pocket Projector
The Vivitek Qumi: A Bright, Lightweight, LED-Based Projector with 3D Ready Capabilities
Vivitek Ships its D5 2D-to-3D Series of Projectors
The D512-3D, D536-3D and D538W-3D Feature Technology that Converts 2D Content into 3D Without an External Box
Vivitek Shows Off Projectors for Education, Large Venue & Business-to-Costumer Markets
From Utilizing High-Lumens for Edge-Blending and Built-In Interactivity to 2D-3D Conversion and LED Pocket Projectors, Vivitek Covers All Solutions
Vivitek Enters Pico Projector Category with LED-Based Pocket Projector
Vivitek Introduces Bright, Lightweight, LED-Based Projector with 3D Ready Capabilities
Vivitek Launches 3D Conversion Technology with D5 Series
The D512-3D, D536-3D and D538-3D Feature Technology that Converts 2D Content into 3D Images Without an External Box
Vivitek Introduces a New Extreme Short-Throw Projector
The New D7 Short-Throw Series from Vivitek Delivers Picture Performance, Brightness and Crossover Possibilities
Vivitek Shows Off its Latest Portable Projectors
The D3 Projector Series Has Mobility, Functionality and Versatility
Vivitek Introduces New Projector Line-Up at INFOCOMM 2010
From 3D-Ready & Extreme Short-Throw to 1080p Data & Brighter Large Venue Projectors, Vivitek Shows Off Its Latest Projector Products
Vivitek Launches New Additions to Lightweight D5 Series
D513W & D537W Bring Widescreen & 3D-Ready Capabilities to a Portable Form
Vivitek Unveils Native 1080p Data prokectors
The D9 Series Now Includes Native 1080p Data Projectors Making Crossover Potential a Reality
Vivitek Introduces Native 1080p Data Projector
The D952HD Transitions 1080p Resolution from the Home to the Office; Features High Brightness and Amazing Picture Performance
Vivitek Adds New 1080p Projector to Home Theater Line-Up
The H5080 Offers Features Such as Lens Shift, Interchangeable Lens Options, DLP® DarkChip3™ & BrilliantColor™ Technologies
Vivitek Adds New 1080p projector to Home Theater Line-Up
The H5080 Offers Features Such as Lens Shift, Interchangeable Lens Options, DLP® DarkChip™ and BrilliantColor™ Technologies
Vivitek Teams With PartnerNovation to Develop Channel Partner Program
Vivitek to Utilize PartnerNovation's Channel Management SaaS Solution
Vivitek Enhances Projector Line-Up With Mid-to-Short-Throw Digital Projectors
D520ST & D525ST Are Bright, Versatile & Ideal for Small Environments
Vivitek Raises Bar & Lowers Price with Sub-$1,000 1080p Home Theater Projector
Vivitek H1080FD Projector Delivers Performance, Functionality & Amazing Image Quality
Vivitek Adds Three Versatile Projectors for Crossover Applications
The D935VX, D940VX & D945VX Offer High Brightness Levels & Connectivity Options for Both Personal & Professional Usage
Vivitek Launches Two Short-Throw Projectors with High Brightness & Contrast Ratios
The D925TX/D930TX Offer Space Solutions
Vivitek Introduces World’s First 1080p LED Home Cinema Projector to Professional A/V Market
H9080HD Redefines Home Theater Viewing Experience Through Performance & Features
Vivitek Debuts Two Dual-Lamp Installation Projectors
D6500 & D6000 Projectors Offer Large Venue Presentation Solutions with Dual-Lamp, Interchangeable Lenses & Color Wheels for Demanding Video Applications
Vivitek Introduces Network-Ready & Budget-Friendly Performance Projectors
Ideal for Education & Corporate Networks: Features Digital Signal Support & Color Enhancement Functions
Vivitek Enhances Projector Line-Up with Short-Throw Digital Projectors
D520ST & D525ST Are Bright, Versatile & Ideal for Small Environments